Dr. Sharon Billins is the daughter of the late Bishop Albert Jackson and the late Evangelist Thomasina Jackson.  She is the CEO and Founder of Palm Tree International Ministries, Inc. which serves as the spiritual covering for many churches,businesses and ministries.  She is the Senior Apostle of The REMNANT Church of Columbus, Georgia and The Remnant Church of Tallahassee, Florida. Dr.Billins is the President and Founder of  The SAMUEL School of the Prophets which boasts an enrollment of 120 Pastors and ministers from 3 different states.

She holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Florida State University. She has two children, Prophetess Tiffany Nicole who is 29 years old and is a graduate of Columbus State University,MBA and is employed as a Community Affairs Director for Virginia College and Norris Billins Jr. who is 22 years old and is an anointed drummer. Dr.Billins worked as a Chemical Engineer for ten years and has taught in the Public School System. She has over 32 years experience in management, supervision and training. She is a past business owner having been the CEO of Diversified Training Systems. She has worked as a Consultant/ Instructor for the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education and the Pastoral Institute Business Resource Center. She also served as a Hospital Chaplain at St. Francis Hospital and is a graduate of the Clinical Pastoral Education Unit at St. Francis Hospital. She is also a graduate of the Pastoral Care Specialist Program at the Turner Clergy Center of the Pastoral Institute. Reverend Billins served as the first female President of the Muscogee County Clergy Association from 2001-2002.She also served as the Chairperson of the Columbus Prison Task Force.

Dr.Billins is the President & Founder of Palm Tree International Ministries, Inc., Founder of The SAMUEL School of the Prophets and the Overseer & Sr. Pastor of Churches & Ministries- Georgia, Florida, and California:

​-The REMNANT Church- Columbus, Georgia - Apostle Sharon Billins
​-The REMNANT Church- Tallahassee, Florida - Apostle Sharon Billins
(Many other churches,ministries and businesses)

Dr.Billins is an anointed woman of God.  She is equipped with the Five – Fold Ministry, a Dynamic Musician & Psalmist, an Awesome Apostle, a Prophet to the nations, a Preachers’ Pastor, an Anointed Teacher, and a Traveling Evangelist.  She has the GIFTS of Healing & Prophecy. Words of Prophecy have come to past for The Mayor, Commanding General, Politicians and many others in the local, state, national and world level.


Television Ministry Has Included the Following:
The "Dr.Sharon Billins Show -telecast every Saturday on WYBU-Columbus, Ga...and Preach the Word Worldwide Network-Tallahassee, Florida

Regular Guest on man radio & TV shows.....

- Supervisor Excellence Award – Pratt & Whitney 1990
- Who’s Who in Science – 1992, 1993
- Dale Carnegie Graduate with Distinction & Honors – 1992
- Leadership Columbus Graduate 1996
- Concharty Council Girls Scouts Woman of Achievement Award – 1999
- Clubview Elementary School – Volunteer of the Year Award – 2000
- Unsung Hero of Columbus Georgia-Mayor Bobby Peters-1997
- 100 Women on the Move – Nominee Woman of the Year Award – 2000
- Who’s Who Historical Society – 2001/2002
- A.K.A (Gamma Tau Omega – Columbus) Ardahila Mack Service to Mankind Award – 2002
- Sertoma Club of Columbus – Service to Mankind Award – 2004
- Proclamation- Miracles, Signs & Wonders- 1/19/2011- Mayor Teresa Tomilnson

Website: www.sharonbillins.org

Cory Gumienny is an influencer, leader and sought after communicator, both in the marketplace and in the church. With over 23 years of ministry experience and almost 20 years in the construction industry, he is uniquely equipped to mobilize a new generation of kingdom-focused marketplace leaders.
Cory serves as a part of the Vision and Direction team at Le Chemin Apostolic Center in Gatineau, Quebec, and is an executive at of one of the largest commercial roofing and waterproofing companies in the region.  
Cory also founded and leads inChange Consulting (inChange.ca) and sits on the board of PEER Servants Canada. 

A commissioned apostle and ordained minister, Cory’s heart is to gather, equip and encourage marketplace leaders to advance the kingdom of God in the marketplace, using all available resources to lead others into their full God-given destinies.

Cory makes his home in Gatineau, Quebec with Diana and their two inquisitive and energetic sons.







Charlotte Quist

Charlotte Quist is a full time itinerant preacher/teacher/ worship leader, and the author of Canada’s Jesus Revolution. She has a strong history in Church Leadership and inter-church organization and activation. She is one of the founders and current chair-person of Praise24 ministries, the VP of the Peace Area Crusade Association, and one of the founders of Revolution CRY – a region-wide, inter-church prayer movement. She is passionate about seeing the Church activated to walk out its prophetic destiny and experience the victory of Christ in daily life – to truly LIVE THE WIN!
Charlotte and her husband  Wayne currently live in Grande Prairie where Wayne serves in marketplace ministry as the owner/operator of Heartbeat Productions. 


Pastor Aimee Bourassa

Southside Victory Church
Children's Pastor · September 2014 to present · Calgary, Alberta

Worship Leader Ben Buroker

Southside Victory Church has been Ben’s home church since childhood. As a result of that he has a unique feel for the heartbeat and DNA of the church. Currently Ben is the director of the Worship Arts program and has a passion for leading God’s people to new places in worship. His desire for growth and excellence while pursuing the presence of God has challenged both him and the team to reach for new levels in worship and their spiritual walk. Ben is married to Jennifer and they have two boys (so far) named Lex and Asher.


Senior Pastors Craig & Anne Buroker

Pastor Craig and Anne have pastored Southside for over 20 years. With a heart for true open worship and a relevant prophetic spirit in the church, their desire is for every person to come into all that God has for them. They also travel extensively and have their own Web TV ministry. Craig and Anne live in Calgary and enjoy their 3 children, Ben, Ian and Jennifer and their grandsons Lex and Asher.

Dr. Len Zoeteman

Dr. Len Zoeteman has served in full-time ministry for more than 30 years. For the past seven years, he has served as Senior Team Leader at Calgary Full Gospel. Previously, he served as Pastor of Calgary Family Church (18 years) and has also travelled nationally and internationally in an apostolic/prophetic capacity. Pastor Len has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Alberta and a Masters degree in economics from the London School of Economics in London, England. He also has an earned Doctorate degree in Ministry. He worked in corporate management in the areas of finance, law, mergers and acquisition in the petroleum industry prior to ministry.

Pastor Len is Vice-President and a national director of Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers (CFCM), a nationwide ministry network involving approximately 500 ministers. He also serves as a spiritual father and national director of several other national and missions organizations.

Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw 

Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw is the Founder and President of Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS), a kingdom level faith-based resource provider and consortium of persons and organizations who administer “The 3M Project Global Initiative – Merging Ministries, Marketplace and Municipalities for Economic and Community Transformation.” Dedicated to the kingdom of God for over 42 years he serves as Governing Apostle of GEMS Network of Churches and Leaders. He is the Senior Scholar of Spiritual Formation and Leadership for Hope Bible Institute and Seminary, and President of The Misrah Academy – Governmental Empowerment Center - a fully accredited kingdom level training institute that produces effective five-fold ministry leaders in the Seven Mountains of Culture.

Dr. Bradshaw is a consultant to community leaders, organizations and corporations locally, nationally and internationally. He completed a 30 year career in Public Safety rising through the ranks to Assistant Chief (Gary, IN) and Chief of Department (Dolton, IL) and served as Program Director and Instructor of Applied Fire Science & Technology for Indiana Vocational Technical State College. He was a member of the Indiana State Fire Service Training Institute Staff and a 17 year veteran of the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserves.

 Dr. Bradshaw holds an Applied Fire Science and Technology Degree; D.D., Th.D., and Ph.D. in Ministry and is the author of several highly acclaimed books and training manuals. He resides in a suburb of Chicago, IL with his family.

Richie Seltzer

Richie is Senior Leader of Imagine Church which he and his wife Chelsea planted in 2011. Supernatural ministry is a lifestyle for Richie and those He leads. He travels the world igniting passion for the presence of God and equipping the body of Christ to joyfully carry on the ministry of Jesus in everyday life. Above all Richie's heart is to lead people into an encounter with the Presence of God. 

Dr. Bruce Cook

Is the Founder and President of Kingdom House Publishing, Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS), and Glory Realm Ministries. He also serves as C.E.O. & Chairman of Kingdom Congressional International Alliance(KCIA). He is considered a leading authority on fundraising, private equity, and philanthropy. Since January 2000, Dr. Cook has been President and Founder of Venture Advisers Inc. a national strategic advisory firm to numerous private companies and private equity firms on resource development, strategy, branding and fund placement. Dr. Cook is co-host of Visions777, a webinar series, and the Kingdom Wealth Think Tank. Cook earned a Ph.D. in 1994 from The University of Texas at Austin, graduating summa cum laude. Dr. Cook is married and is active in his local church as an elder and serves on the boards of several national ministries and kingdom companies.  Dr. Cook has been instrumental and successful in investing over one Billion dollars for a major university system

Coach Ron:

CEA. tm: Chief Executive Advisor, Confidant & Coach | 3x Published Author | Key-Note speaker | Government appointed Ambassador of Peace, Humanitarian, & Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach in Cognitive and Kinesiological development. Coach Ron is the strategic adviser along side the leadership of over 7 Billion in corporate and non-profit revenues, consulting and engaging elite level thinkers with business development and strategies to propel massive  growth and profitability in personal human performance. He is impacting business and social cultures with positive leadership skills to influence change, big business and new mindsets elite level leaders and groups need to experience a fulfilled life. In his newest venture Le Confidant,  executives of fortune companies to international governments and ministry worldwide confide in his strategic and trusted council. Ron is Internationally known for his solid and medically endorsed, "Solutions in Seconds,” and has a proven track record of creating MASSIVE turnarounds and acceleration in the life of companies, people, relationships and the physical health of the body- both domestically and abroad. He travels globally as a Chief Executive Advisor and Keynote Speaker - passionately infusing people with the secrets, concepts and insights to doing big business and living an extraordinary life.

Bio – Dr. D. L. (Doug) Atha

Dr. Atha has served in a variety of social service and faith based settings for the past 37 years. Starting with Teen Challenge in Toronto, Dr. Atha works with people from all walks of life. His background in education (Trinity Western University), developmental services, social services management, adult education and counselling have honed his understanding of human and business behaviors and natural social development. He has an earned doctorate in Strategic Leadership and a graduate certificate in Organizational Leadership. His research into brain trauma and the understanding of its effects on behaviours associated with addiction, generational trauma as well as individual and group behavior has helped him in his ongoing consulting across Canada and South America.


Dr. Atha and his wife Shawnee live in Grande Prairie AB (since 2005) and focus on meeting the needs of people living in urban cores, in Grande Prairie and across North America. Dr. Atha headed up operations for a winter Warming Centre at The Oasis Church from 2006 through 2010 and now heads up leadership for The Oasis Fellowship, The Oasis Centre, an Affordable Housing apartment complex and The Oasis Bridge, which houses a daycare, and other businesses moving from home offices to commercial addresses  in the downtown core of Grande Prairie. Dr. Atha and the various ventures he engages with provide opportunities for people needing affordable alternatives for navigating the future.


Nicholas and Nancy Courchesne are members of l’Eglise le Chemin. They were blessed by having parents and grandparents who empowered them by the love of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.

From an early age Nicholas had dreams and visions of becoming a wealthy entrepreneur, who would have an impact on humanity all over the world. Being raised in a close brother assembly, the portrayal he understood of Christianity was opposite to the desire of his heart. He viewed Christianity as lifeless. Continuing this life would mean losing is individuality and forgoing creativity, excellence, passion, and the ability to succeed in the marketplace.. He didn’t know it then, but is views were totally opposite of how God created us to lived.

 Nicholas made the decision that he was going to take control of his life and didn’t need God to make his dream become a reality.  180 degree later he found himself a self made millionaire, living the American dream. Being extremism in every arena, he soon became an excellent sinner. The works of the flesh became evident, fornication, idolatry, selfish ambitions, drugs, and alcohol. He believed that the material acquisition and pleasure of this world would fill the emptiness inside his spirit. Wrong, he soon found out that only God could fulfill a broken spirit. In 2007 he became an alcoholic, lost his 2 businesses and depression overcame him to the point of trying to take is own life.

By the grace of God, the love and prayers of his wife and parents, what was meant to harm and destroy him, God turn darkness into light. What was meant to be a set back became a stepping-stone to bring him into the life and ministry God had created for him. The practical son came back home, and on his knees at the foot of the cross he totally surrender to Jesus. The Father opened his loving arms and delivered him from every addiction. His mess became his message and his test became his testimony. 

God blessed him with an amazing daughter Perla, he became the CEO and co-founder of GVG Enterprises Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in providing guidance to companies in the development, training and implementation of new projects and technologies. Despite his many business accomplishments, Nicholas feels one of his most rewarding endeavors is The Ideal Way, a non-profit organization he co-founded in 2011. This organization invests in the hearts, minds, and souls of children who live in poverty. The aim of the organization is to provide hope, ignite a sense of confidence, trigger a personal change, and lead them to their unlimited potential.

His vision and mission today is to serve his church within the marketplace ministries in order to help unite the gap between our Christian life and businesses in order to impact nations, presidents and kings. Today he believed that God not only desire for us to live EXTRAORDINARILY but he also equipped us the do so. The power to accomplish remarkable feats and live an exceptional life is not tied to an occupation but to a disposition of our heart toward or Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord demonstrated it clearly to Nicholas. In order to execute is calling, the Lord appeared to him in a vision, he said that the only way to receive the necessary knowledge and wisdom to overcome the challenges ahead is to align with the Apostolic. He felt so privileged and blessed when a few days later he was invited him to become a member of Hodos and KCIA. We are in a seasons that God’s gaze is upon the marketplace. He is rising up Apostles who are stepping into their God-given authority and being received by church and markets leaders alike.

Glory is to our Lord Jesus Christ or Chief Apostle.

Nicholas Courchesne

Martin Dominic Powell, Owner of Kingdom Talents

Martin Dominic Powell is a lover of God’s Word, world class musician, pastor, author, business man & TV host. After winning International prizes, he gave up a career as a classical soloist for the Gospel. Pastor and a business man for 20 years in London, he left England in 2010 to be a part of MorningStar Fellowship Church in Fort Mill, SC where he founded Kingdom Talents Gold & Silver Investments. Martin also hosts a TV show called ‘Kingdom Matters’. Rick Joyner has acclaimed his book ‘MoneyMatters in My Kingdom’ as the best book he has ever read on finance - Christian or Secular.

God's Glory in The Marketplace

"The Ripple Effect"


43 Malaga Cove Plaza, Suite A, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 USA

1-714-392-4148    email: cam@mgllc.com    web: www.buildtoprosperbook.com

Business Advisor, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Innovation Officer

Cam is the founder in 1978 of his business advising firm, MGLLC and is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Build to Prosper, a division of MGLLC. After 400 engagements with business owners over the last 37 years, Cam continues to assist owners in increasing their business pre-tax earnings to be sustainable and sufficient to invest in future innovation.

In his new book, “Build To Prosper” he discloses MGLLC’s intellectual property.  This intellectual property is the system that is applied by his methodology to successfully obtain a minimum 10% pre-tax profit return on sales.  The following endorsement of his book “Build To Prosper” helps summarize almost 40 years of leadership as a CEO, Chief Innovation Officer and business advisor  with his management team.

Ruth Whitaker, Chief Executive, Mission Aviation Fellowship, UK

Ruth states that Cam’s book “Build To Prosper” is practical and a comprehensive challenge to established ways of thinking and evaluation.  Cam’s approach and explanations make his wisdom accessible.  The use of his real world cases put his ideas and principles in a realistic form so you can directly apply them to your business.  He also has combined a wealth of experience with applied innovation thinking.

Business in the Market Place

Cam offers innovation in the marketplace as he brings God’s favor and prosperity to clients.  Through wisdom and practical insight Cam knows when to put aside traditional business practices as he delights in building businesses and advancing God’s kingdom on earth